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Welcome to Malci Construction

Malci Construction specialise in Groundworks, Reinforced Concrete Frames, Civil Engineering and Building Works. We offer a Shell & Core service from site mobilisation and enabling works. We offer a specialised construction product tailored to the client’s requirements.

The company’s personality and culture is one of integrity, working ethically, ensuring that our client’s needs are foremost and creating a harmonious workplace that draws the best people.

Our vision is to be a company that our clients will want to work with, rely on and that our personnel will be proud to work for. A company with an open mind, ready to embrace new opportunities, innovative and driven to deliver a safer, low carbon and sustainable product.

We are a ‘can-do’ company, who value long term relationship and repeat business. We are dependable and will deliver on our promises.

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Our Services

Malci Construction specialise in Groundworks, Reinforced Concrete Frame, Civil Engineering and Building Works. We offer a Shell & Core service from site mobilisation and enabling works.

Our specialised field of operation encompasses the following:

Groundworks and Substructures

  • Bulk Excavations
  • Contaminated Ground Disposal
  • Contaminated Ground Remediation
  • Cut & Fill
  • Demolition
  • Enabling Works
  • External Works
  • Hard Landscaping
  • Headings
  • RC Basements
  • RC Deep Basements
  • RC Substructures
  • Site Clearance
  • Site Drainage
  • Site Utilities
  • Stabilisation
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Steel to steel connection design
  • Top Down Construction
  • Under-slab Drainage
  • Waterproofing Systems

Reinforced Concrete Frames

  • Architectural Concrete Feature Finishes
  • Concrete Floor Topping
  • Jump Form
  • Low Rise RC Frame
  • Permanent Metal Formwork for RC In-Situ Stairs
  • Post Tensioned
  • Slip Form
  • Structural Steelwork Concrete Encasement
  • Trough and Waffle RC Slabs
  • Twin Wall Construction System

Civil Engineering

  • Bored Piling
  • Deep Drainage
  • Demolition
  • Earthworks
  • Private Client Roads and Footpaths
  • RC Substructures
  • RC Superstructures
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Steel to Steel Connection Design
  • Site Logistics Management

Building Works to Existing Building (Special Projects)

  • Alteration Work
  • Brickwork and Blockwork
  • Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting Works
  • Cut and Carve Brickwork/Blockwork
  • Cut and Carve RC Works
  • Demolition
  • Mini-bored Piling
  • RC Basements
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Steel to Steel Connection Design
  • Superstructure RC Works
  • Underpinning
  • Under-slab Drainage
  • Waterproofing systems

Temporary Works

  • Façade Restraint and Retention System
  • Jacking Systems for Props – induced loading in props using flap jacks
  • King Post Retention Systems
  • Mini-bored Piling and Contiguous Piling as Temporary Works Retention System
  • Shoring Systems for deep excavations and basements
  • Shoring Systems for Deep Underpinning Works
  • Shoring Systems for Existing Buildings and Boundary Walls

Value Engineering and Alternative Solutions

  • Buildability Solutions
  • Importing into the UK new equal or approved Products or Systems
  • Innovative Solutions utilising Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Lightweight Construction Methods
  • Off Site Fabrication
  • Post Tensioning
  • Reinforcement Design and Scheduling
  • Top Down Construction
  • Underpinning Methods

Smart Construction and Digital Design

  • Design Specialist Packages
  • Implement Smart Construction Best Practice
  • Interpolate steel fabrication drawings

Types of Contract Arrangement

  • Domestic Sub-Contractor
  • Nominated / Novated Sub-Contractor
  • Preferred Contractor
  • Principle Contractor
  • Principle Contractor / Considerate Constructors
  • Works Package Contractor
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