Highlever Road

Project: Shell & Core. Underpinning, temporary works, temporary piling, mass excavation, RC frame, structural steel frame.

Client: Harris Calnan

Duration: 47 weeks

Malci were employed to construct new basement on the back of an existing live building to undertake a mixture of 4.5m deep temporary underpinning to the existing building, boundary wall and temporary piling.

Malci carried out additional steel temporary works in order to commence the mass excavation to the new proposed basement. Malci worked closely with the client’s temporary engineer and a king posts steels temporary works system was designed and drawn, fabricated by Malci’s inhouse steel designer and fabricator. The temporary works were designed and installed to mitigate/achieve the best way to carry out the excavation to the basement and RC works without interrupting the sequencing of the basement construction.

Malci faced a great challenge constructing the basement, as the new proposed basement area established that there was no room for storage of plant or materials.

Malci constructed a temporary RC pad on temporary piling to station a 12-ton excavator to excavate the last section of the basement whilst having muck way trucks reversing into site.

Malci commenced the installation of the new drainage works including sump pump RC chambers. RC basement slab and the RC lining walls. Later on the project, fair face concrete spine wall was introduced on the project to create new RC stairs, fair face kitchen soffit and fair face RC wall from ground floor to first floor featuring the new living area and master bedroom.

Malci completed the project with a new structural steel frame surrounding the new fair face RC spine wall.

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